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AT 2 E safe/ Electronic lock (2022)

Burglary protection certified according to Standard EN 1143-1 Grad I

Protectionagainst fire by joint intumescent in the door

Multi-wall construction

12 mm thick double-walled door;

Central closure on 4 sides with 8 round bolts

Electronic lock with possibility of delayed opening programming

Lock protected by an anti-drill plate;

Removable spokes included: 2

Door pivot on the right

Device for fixing to the floor and wall

Color: Light gray RAL 240 30 05

Exterior dimensions

Height: 500 mm

Width: 550 mm

Depth: 440 mm

Interior dimensions

Height: 400 mm

Width: 450 mm

Depth: 320 mm

Weight: 180 kg

Volume : 58 Liters

CHF 2,000.- incl. tax (excluding delivery)


Safe AMT 0600 / (2012

Burglary protection certified to EN 1143-1 Grad I

Wittkopp electronic lock
Solid locking on all sides
Multi-wall construction
All sides reinforced with high-strength material
Sensitive points protected by additional reinforcements
Shielding of the locking system 
Lock and bolts blocked in the event of an attempted break-in by a delator lock
Removable radius: 1
Alarm pre-equipped 
Colors: White
Door pivots on right
Floor and wall mounting 
Made in Austria 

Exterior dimensions

Height: 590 mm

Width: 545 mm

Depth: 435 mm

Interior dimensions

Height: 535 mm

Width: 490 mm

Depth: 300 mm

Weight: 159 kg

Volume : approx. 79 Liters

CHF 1'790.- incl. tax (excluding delivery)


GW 65-400 fireproof safe / (2022)


Certified burglary protection in accordance with EN 14450 S1

Fire-retardant protection


Double-walled construction

Double-walled door

5 round bolts

Double-bit key lock

(includes 2 keys)

Removable shelves: 3

Door pivot on right

Floor-mounting device

Color: White


External dimensions


Height: 1225 mm

Width: 655 mm

Depth: 500 mm


Interior dimensions


Height: 1088 mm

Width: 550 mm

Depth: 460 mm


Weight: 105 kg


CHF 1'500.- incl. VAT (excl. delivery)

Chubb 1.jpeg

CHUBB safe / Double-bit key lock

Multi-wall construction

Double-walled door of 12

Closing with 6 round bolts

Electronic double-bit key lock

(Included: 2 keys)

Lock protected by an anti-drill plate;

Removable shelf included: 1

Door pivot on the right

Device for fixing to the ground

Color: Beige

Exterior dimensions

Height: 630mm

Width: 530mm

Depth: 595mm

Interior dimensions

Height: 460mm

Width: 355mm

Depth: 340mm

Weight: approximately 300 kg

CHF 900.- incl. tax (excluding delivery)

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