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How to identify that the chosen fireproof wardrobe protects my documents against fire?

You will need to make sure that the fireproof cabinet has inside a plate on which the following information appears:

1. Certifying body (VdS, ECB.S, UL)

2. Certification number 

3. Level of protection: It is very important to differentiate a cabinet that protects papers from a cabinet that protects computer media:

S60 P: Paper protection 1 hour

S 120 P: Paper protection 2 hours

S 60 DIS: Computer media protection 1 hour

S120 DIS: Computer media protection 2 hours

Class 125 1hr.Dis: Computer media protection 1 hour

Class 350 2hrs.Dis:  Computer media protection 2 hours

Class 125 1hr. Paper: Paper protection 1 hour

Class 350 2hrs. Paper: 2 hours paper protection

It is important to also check the standard that the tests were performed:

EN 1047-1: European Standard 

VDMA 24991-1: German Standard 

UL 72: Austrian Standard 

NT FIRE 017: Swedish Standard

German and European standards are identical. Between the American standard and the European standard, there is a small difference: the impact test is optional in the American standard and mandatory in the European standard. 

The Swedish standard is less stringent than the European standard (fire test performance but no thermal shock and impact tests, and test artificially without cooling curve monitoring).

4. Serial number

5. Trunk weight

6. Year of manufacture 

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