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Terms and conditions

   A. Delivery volume 

The contents of our order confirmation will prevail, subject to minor changes in size, weight or any other modifications intended to improve quality or function.

   B. Payment terms 

In order to guarantee the payment we ask 50% to the order and the balance to 30 days under invoice.

Payments after maturity cause a late interest of 5%.

   C. Delivery time 

   1. The delivery time begins when we are in possession of the order and all the details necessary for the execution thereof.

   2. Delivery times are announced with the utmost precision and we make every effort to deliver within the period of time mentioned on the order confirmation.


   3. We refuse any claim for compensation for delays in delivery or for other reasons.


   D. Deliveries


   1. We make deliveries at variable prices depending on the location, the weight of the safe and access.


   2. All direct orders to our E-shop are always understood by an external transport company which makes the deliveries by truck free on the road in front of the customer's home, free of departure of mountain railway or cable car, except agreement different in writing.


Safes with a weight of more than 1000kg or more from our store. If the market value is less than 500.-, we are obliged to charge you an FR delivery fee. 40.-up.


   3. Complaints about transport damage or missing accessories are to be made to the driver and to send us within 8 days of delivery.


   E. Establishment


The establishment in the building ex. fixing at the place chosen by the customer is always done by a specialized house, on estimate. Execution without exemption at the risk of the customer.


   F. Retention of title


The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the invoice. The customer has the entire responsibility to maintain the articles put in reserve, in perfect condition.


   G. Warranty


The warranty for defects and manufacturing defects is valid for 24 months.


   H. General


Any change, by the customer, of these conditions is subject to our written agreement, without which the said modifications are not admitted.   

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