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Approved and labeled safe = The best security for your values



Example of European safe labels


A2P, VDS, ECB.S, IMP or LPCB are the labels used to guarantee the quality of resistance of a safe.

In fact, each European country has its own laboratory to test and validate the resistance qualities of safes.

Techno Safe sets up this sheet to help you understand all of these labels.

Label :

Brand, issued by an independent body, which guarantees the quality of a product intended for sale.

Warning :

A safe can be approved by a European standard without having been labeled
by a recognized laboratory.


It is best to choose a safe with a label. Your insurer can demand it.


The different European labels:



European laboratory. This laboratory has been the most dynamic in recent years. The majority of manufacturers use this label worldwide. World recognized label.


German laboratory. It is the most well-known and recognized laboratory in Europe. The majority of manufacturers use this label at European level. Label recognized in Europe.


French laboratory. It is the reference laboratory in France. This label is recognized on the French market.


English laboratory. It is the reference laboratory for Anglo-Saxon countries. This label is recognized on the English market.

Other existing laboratories:

IMP (Poland), ICIM (Italy), APPLUS (Spain) and DNV (Russian).

Would you like to download this technical file on safe deposit box standards? Nothing could be easier, click on the link below. 

Techno Safe has chosen to choose products benefiting from the most known and recognized European labels. 

Data sheet Anti-theft label

ECB.S techno safe certification brochure
VDS techno safe certification
A2P techno safe certification
LPCB techno safe certification
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