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Strong rooms 

Available in classes V to XIII KB tested and certified according to EN 1143-1

The elements of the floor, walls and ceiling will be mounted on site and the strong door is integrated on site.

The assembly is carried out in dry construction and allows for shorter production time.

techno safe vault
Techno safe strong door certification plaque.
Techno safe Day banking grid

Bank compartments

The customer compartments are built in block and are mounted on site. 

The compartment columns are designed for wall mounting.


Standard execution.



Each compartment is equipped with a double closure. One for the bank and one for each compartment door.



Magnetic lock or cylinder lock (mechanical or electronic cylinder).

Key lock and remote electronic unlocking by the bank.



For each construction 2 key banks and 2 keys for each compartment.



Natural alu, compartment number engraved on the door. 

Techno Safe safes Bank safes
Techno Safe Safes Geneva Bank safes
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