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Test and manufacturing standard:

There are several types of protection against burglary and fire, in these 2 there are safes or cabinets with protections tested or untested.

For the tested protections there are several levels of protection.

For many years the insurances referred to the ASA directory (what is called Swiss standard), today most of them refer to European standards.


ASA Directory EN 0 / N Insurance Value in CHF

Less than 100 kg EN 0 / N 5'000.-


More than 100 kg in I 20'000.-


More than 300 kg EN II 50,000.-


List 2 EN III 150'000.-


List 1 EN IV 500'000.-


                                                         IN V 1'000'000.-


                                                         IN VI 

These values ​​are indicative, they are in principle respected by the majority of insurance companies, which make a difference between values ​​in goods (jewelry, watches etc.) and money in notes.

In most cases, the safe is required, especially for safes weighing less than 300 kg.

The installation of an alarm system in the premises, possibly with contacts directly on the safe, may allow an increase in the insured value.

In all cases you, alone, or with your insurance company, must define the necessary protection for your property.

You are not automatically insured because you are installing a safe of a certain category!

Safes or cabinets have fire protection thanks to their more or less thick construction. Some do stress tests. These tests include putting the safe or cabinet in an oven at a certain temperature for a while, then letting the oven cool naturally to best reproduce a real fire case.

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